Not understanding what works and what doesn’t

Understand their objectives and evaluate the operation. Digital marketing finally. You should move on to building a clean. Accurate and segment database. 3) email marketing campaigns don’t perform email marketing campaigns are among the most difficult tasks to achieve today. People are inundat with mostly advertising emails. This makes it increasingly Not understanding difficult to […]

Confusing data prevents you from developing personalized

Digital marketingin this historical moment. Digital marketing is drawing attention to a series of challenges that will affect the world of new technologies in the coming years. From the new provisions on privacy to ai. Up to the use of Confusing data prevents new tools and social networks. With the right perspective. Strategy can lead […]

Explore Page Remains One of the

That’s an increas ad reach of million since of tiktok’s advertising audience is female in the   year old range; are males in this valuable demo. Of tiktok’s advertising audience is ag  and up… including  in the  category. Tiktok advertising audience profile tiktok’s advertising audience skews female. With  of its users identifying this way. The […]

Driven by Ad Dollars but the Instagram

Tiktok so it’s no surprise that the platform is a powerful option for advertisers. Too. Youtube has a potential reach of  billion that’s  of the total population and  of total internet users. Youtube has experienced  growth. Year over year. In ad reach.  Billion youtube viewers are over  years old.  Youtube’s advertising audience identifies as male. […]