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Tiktok so it’s no surprise that the platform is a powerful option for advertisers. Too. Youtube has a potential reach of  billion that’s  of the total population and  of total internet users. Youtube has experienced  growth. Year over year. In ad reach.  Billion youtube viewers are over  years old.  Youtube’s advertising audience identifies as male. Youtube advertising audience overview worldwide ad revenue for youtube as of the third quarter was more than  billion usd. Mobile youtube ads are  more likely to capture viewer attention than a traditional tv commercial.  Youtube viewers think youtube ads are more relevant to their interests than those on television or streaming services.

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Youtube demographics are more evenly spread than other social networks. With the advertising audience over  years of age. On the flip side of that:  of youtube’s audience falls into the  top age range. Youtube advertising audience profile youtube’s reach rate for audiences  is highest in u.a.e.. Where it has a potential reach of .. 

The runner up is the b2b leads netherlands. With  reach. India has the largest youtube reach. With an advertising audience of a million. Check out more statistics about youtube here. And we’ve got everything you ne to know about advertising on youtube. Too. Tiktok ad statistics since its launch in  tiktok has been downloaded . Billion times and counting. With  million downloads alone.

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The app is clearly no flash in the pan. And marketers who still see it as a depository for frivolous dance memes are missing some serious business opportunities. If you’re curious about advertising on tiktok and reaching  million active daily users. It’s time to dive into some numbers. In the u.s.. Tiktok ads have a potential reach of .. 

Brazil is the next biggest ad reach market Phone Number BL mill. Follow by indonesia . Tiktok ad reach ranking tiktok has  million daily active users. Who use the app for an average of  hours every single day. Graph of average daily minutes spent in app on tiktok in q  tiktok has a potential ad reach of  million among users ag.

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