Behavioral Design Making Creativity More Sticky

 The Heath Brothers give 6 rules for making ideas stick: Simple: Refining core information. Surprise: Unexpectes, provoking you to learn more. Specific: To paint a clear image for people, to help people understand memory. Believable: Make people want to believe. Emotion: Make people care about and awaken inner empathy. Stories: Motivating people to act. However, […]

The Ice Bucket Challenge is just such a perfectly mixes

Emotional cocktail: it’s resonant because we’re all working for the same social cause, but it also feels different, with each video reflecting the creator’s and The dynamics of the network. 3. 18 new narrative languages under the “sense of co-creation” 1. Trend new concept The “camel”: a co-creational, The Ice partnership or organization that offers […]

In the absence of an owner platform stewards sometimes take

On an informal leadership role. “Problem solvers and solution seekers”: terms coines by NYU professor Sheila to describe, respectively, those within organizations who resist opening up to the wider community, and those who are more apt to make that transition. people. Problem solvers look for identity in the old force values that believe in expertise, […]

In fact new consumption does not refer to new product designs

 But rather that these products provide consumers with new value. If consumers in the past values that products can solve problems, consumers today value the emotional value brought by products. I expresses a similar view in an article 4 years ago, “What do middle-class consumers, In fact want in this era”, but that article mainly […]