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That’s an increas ad reach of million since of tiktok’s advertising audience is female in the   year old range; are males in this valuable demo. Of tiktok’s advertising audience is ag  and up… including  in the  category. Tiktok advertising audience profile tiktok’s advertising audience skews female. With  of its users identifying this way. The hashtag tik tok made me buy it has  billion lifetime views.  In  shoppers say they get inspir to buy something on tiktok even when they’re not actively shopping. Tiktok live is particularly effective:  of tiktok users have bought something after watching a live. Learn more about tiktok advertising here. Or nerd out on even more tiktok statistics here.

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We’re really just scratching the surface with these social mia advertising statistics   there’s a whole world of social mia stats to geek out over. And if you’re feeling overwhelm. Just take a deep breath and binge watch fridgeworthy until you’re cool. Calm. Collect. And ready to get back into the thrilling world of social mia ads. 

Save time managing your business email list social mia presence with hootsuite. From a single dashboard. You can publish and schule posts. Find relevant conversions. Engage the audience. Measure results. And more. Try it free today. Social mia is always evolving to satisfy the nes and interests of its users. New social mia platforms emerge to serve specific audiences or to offer something different.

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In a little app call tiktok transform the social mia landscape through its short videos and casual. Spontaneous aesthetic; it’s now the most-download app in the world. Of course. Not all new social mia apps will blow up like tiktok. But they do reveal how social trends and user expectations are evolving over time. If you’re not already keeping an eye on the platforms below. 

It’s worth checking them out to see how social Phone Number BL mia is changing in  download our social trends report to get data from over  marketers that you can use to plan a viral-worthy social strategy in  new social mia platforms to watch in  bereal if you’re tir of the “instagram reality” of filters. Photoshop. And fak photo ops that dominate social mia. Then bereal could be for you.

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