The number of visitors to the website is decreasing

Not understanding what works and what doesn’t for a long time. Marketing was consider a black hole. An inexact science. Today we know that it is 100% bas on concrete metrics and data. It is entirely possible. Therefore. To know  what works well. What works less well and what doesn’t work at all. The The number solution is to opt for a marketing automation and sales crm platform that provides access to the metrics ne to understand more about the performance of activities.

Do you know the advantages of completely

Relying on hubspot’s crm? Having your website on the cms . Marketing on marketing hub and your sales team on sales hub means you Business Lead have complete visibility of the entire customer journey. By integrating service hub. You will also have visibility into the customer experience. It’s not just a “nice to have”: there are very few competing products that offer such a complete package for managing business generation activities. Setting up a full suite of hubspot tools won’t take a few days.

But likely a few months

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In the meantime. Though. You can start examining your website and see which sources produce visitors. Which Phone Number BL pages are view. Which pages convert visitors into customers. And which content gets the most attention. This will provide a great initial perspective on how your company’s digital marketing is performing and some initial insights into what you should do to achieve better performance. of visitors to the website is decreasing. But it is not clear why in recent years. Each lead is experiencing a personal purchasing journey. Which in b2b can be quite long. Knowing the buyer journey in detail is the key to knowing which content to create. To transform visitors into leads and then leads into sales opportunities. We must not imagine the purchasing journey as a linear and orderly passage. Rather as an experience that can also be chaotic and cyclical.

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