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But it’s still worth paying attention to. Reels launch as instagram’s answer to tiktok. While short-form video was already a part of instagram posts and stories. Reels add some new capabilities. Instagram reels are short videos up to  seconds that can be it right in the app. Unlike stories. They don’t disappear after  hours. They live in your fe under a dicat tab. Reels offer more sophisticated eating options than stories: you can clip them together. Adjust the layout. Or add air effects. The results are fun and creative. Which is why reels are so popular on the explore page. And interest in reels is definitely growing over time: should your brand be making reels? We ran an experiment to see if reels would boost our engagement.

Page Algorithm Work Why You Want to

And overall we saw a small improvement. But reels can be a powerful way to connect with audiences. And instagram has configure the app to showcase quality reels content. And if you’re already creating video content for stories. It’s definitely worth exploring reels to extend the reach and lifespan of your content! 

Spotify live in june spotify release business database their new app for live audio conversations sound familiar? Call spotify greenroom–in april . The branding was chang to spotify live. The twist is that spotify focuses on musical artists and athletes. Leveraging its existing user base of podcast and music fans. Spotify liv off the record with dj academics while a spotify account isn’t requir for greenroom. You can log in to the app with your spotify rentals.

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You can tune in to spotify live chats via your favorite artist or creator’s page look for the “live on spotify” feature. And if you want to join in the conversation. You can use the dicat spotify live app to chime in on a discussion or start your own live room. A month after launch. They had  downloads on ios and  on android. Though spotify has been cagey with more recent numbers. 

While this new social mia app hasn’t taken Phone Number BL off in a big way yet?. Spotify has the advantage of building on a platform that’s already audio-focus. Discord just as tiktok was once merely “the dance challenge app.” discord was launch in  as a niche app for the gaming community. Since then. It’s grown into a major player among chat-focus social mia platforms. In march . Discord secur  million usd in funding. And in july .

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