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But what is bereal exactly. Creat in france in  the mission of this app is to create “a new and unique way to discover who your friends really are”. Here’s the premise: every day at a random time bereal sends you a notification that it’s time to be real. You then have  minutes to snap a photo of whatever it is you happen to be doing. It’s actually two photos at once. Using your phone’s front and back cameras. Bereal photo of people mountain biking no filters. No iting. And you can only do a re-shot within that -minute window. Instagram has taken note. Launching its own two-camera filter to replicate the bereal look within its own app. In . Bereal’s usage was up  and downloads were up  from the previous year. 

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It’s been download just shy of  million times since its launch. In other words: this app is hot. Hot. Hot. Clubhouse clubhouse is an audio app. Featuring chat rooms where users can drop in to listen to live conversations. Clubhouse made a huge splash when it was releas in march  for ios. An android version follow in may  in between those two dates. The app explod in popularity. 

Acquiring two million active business lead weekly users by december  clubhouse question should you quit your job and become an amateur dolphin trainer? This is especially impressive considering the app was technically still in beta-mode. And restrict to invitation-only. Or maybe that exclusivity was why interest was so high? In the early months that invite codes were reportly selling for  in july  when clubhouse open up to everyone.

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There was a  million person waitlist. But. Alas. It looks like clubhouse’s shine has fad. Peaking in popularity in february  when big names like oprah winfrey were hosting chats. And declin from there. Since then. Active users have declin more than  clubhouse is staying sharp by offering new features and partnering with t. And still hosts more than  million active users. Primarily in the stem space. You also have to give crit where crit is due: clubhouse did inspire bigger players to their own audio-only apps linkin. 

Spotify. And twitter. For a time. So whether it Phone Number BL carries on past  or not. Its legacy will be felt for years to come. Instagram reels like twitter spaces. Instagram reels is not a new social mia platform so much as a new feature.

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