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While snapchat advertising makes up less than  of the u.s. Digital ad market. The app’s ads reach nearly half of u.s. Smartphone users. Snapchat stats digital ad reach the country with the largest eligible ad reach on snapchat is saudi arabia. Some other impressive international numbers: india has the biggest snapchat advertising audience of all. At a million. While the u.s. Boasts  million. Snapchat ad reach ranking ads that are  two seconds long have the best performance. According to snapchat. And surprisingly.  Snapchat ads are viewed with sound on. Ad recall for gen z on snapchat is higher than other generational cohorts… despite the fact these users spend less time watching each ad. Gen z can recall an ad they watch for less than  seconds.

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Explore more interesting snapchat statistics here. Then. Check out our guide to advertising on snapchat. Linkin ad statistics linkin turns  years old this year note to self: send flowers! And has collect more than  million members in  countries in the process. Sure. That’s a drop in the bucket compar to facebook or instagram. But the career-orient social network has its own unique strengths.

If you’re looking to reach linkin’s distinct b2b email list audience with your social mia advertising strategy. Read on for the numbers you ne to know. Linkin has a potential ad reach of. Million that’s. Of the total population. Linkin’s potential ad reach accounts for. Of total internet users. Users on linking skew male with a .

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Ad reach out of the total linkin ad reach. Linkin’s ad reach is growing. Slowly but surely it achiev. Quarter-on-quarter growth in. Linkin advertising audience overview linkin’s advertising audience is overwhelmingly in the – to -year-old range just. Of linkin’s advertising audience is older than. Linkin advertising audience profile the regions with the largest eligible ad reach are the u.a.e . Of the population ag follow by the u.s.

And singapore  despite that. The u.s. Has Phone Number BL the largest linkin advertising audience by pure numbers. With  million users.  Of marketers agree that linkin is the most important social mia platform for their business. Most important social mia platforms for marketers worldwide as of january  read more about linkin statistics here. And then get ready to tackle our linkin advertising guide. Youtube ad statistics youtube is still the king of video-sharing sites sorry.

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