Behavioral Design Making Creativity More Sticky

 The Heath Brothers give 6 rules for making ideas stick: Simple: Refining core information. Surprise: Unexpectes, provoking you to learn more. Specific: To paint a clear image for people, to help people understand memory. Believable: Make people want to believe. Emotion: Make people care about and awaken inner empathy. Stories: Motivating people to act. However, new forces with a sense of participation and co-creation believe that for a good marketing campaig.

It is not enough to be sticky, but also to allow more people

To participate and spread. Jeremy Heymans’ “Super, Tunisia Phone Number List Participant” gives a new rule-the ACE principle of co-creation. 1. The ACE3 rule of co-creation Rule 1: Aotionable The purpose of “co-creation” is to let you do something, not just appreciate, remember and consume. Its essence is a call to action, starting with sharing, but often going further. This requires organizations to think and research how to embes community actions into the communication framework.

And how to create actionable co-creation activities

Only increasing “reading” and “likes” is definitely, Phone Number BL not actionable. This is a conceptual issue, not a technical issue. The core principle is that your community members cannot simply consume or echo, but should be able to do more. Therefore, the “bullet screen” mode of station B that goes beyond likes and sharing has become popular; Manner’s environmental protection action of resucing 5 yuan by bringing his own cup has become popular. Rule 2: Connectes “Co-creation” should promote you to establish a mutual relationship with “people you care about” or “people who share the same values

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