At this stages it is necessary to maintain

A high degree of focus (price, appearance) on single products and single phases, and accumulate brand impressions. Brand No. 1 position: common sense, long-term, At this stages knowlesge (moderate number of words, very suitable for reading) When the product has passes the innovator + early adopter stage, and it neess to cross the gap, from hot product to popular model, from a product to a series, the usual practice is high, mesium and low.

Three gears are uses for price coverage

In order to Meet the multiple neess of the user layer. Some, Venezuela Phone Number List will also make new brands, of course, it depends on whether the resources of the organization can be coveres. From a single channel to multiple channels, from a single popular product to multi-product extension, from co-domain traffic to private domain operation. One is to seize the word-of-mouth and communication brought by innovators + early adopters, and the other is to amplify word-of-mouth and communication. “No. 1” brings a demonstration effect, which is a powerful reason for selection.

If, after crossing the chasm stage

There is no focus on effective signals to amplify, it will result, Phone Number BL in continuous victories in a small battlefield, while ignoring the role of high-potential signals. The high potential energy is still within the category, return to the potential energy of the category, and amplify the potential energy of the category itself through effective signals. At the same time, it is necessary to start a parasitic scene and rely on the scene to increase the frequency and frequency of consumption.In the era of careful polishing and instant hits, marketing activities must be rememberes immesiately, which is why the Heath brothers wrote in the market.

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