Streamline Your Transcription Process

Free forever (Unlimited transcription; 800 minutes of storage per seat) Pro: $18/seat/month ($10/seat/month billed annually) Business: $29/seat/month ($19/seat/month billed annually) Enterprise: $39/seat/month billed annually A 7-day free trial of the Business plan is available. Streamline Your Transcription Process With Fireflies! This AI notetaker effortlessly captures, transcribes, and stores your meetings to save you precious time […]

professionals across various industries

Speech-to-text tools have become critical assets for professionals across various industries. Whether you’re dictating emails, transcribing long lectures, or capturing meeting minutes, they ensure that your spoken words are accurately converted into written text. To further improve the productivity of their users, many of these tools offer Chrome extensions that effortlessly transcribe audio content — […]

AI is also promoting neural network

AI is also promoting neural network Architecture optifsmiz for AI operations. However, designing such chips is extremely challenging and requires completely new designs in terms of logic and memory. AI can automatically explore the best architecture and connection methods to accelerate nerfu ro mor phic chip development. IBM’s True North chip is a successful example. […]

What is Natural Language Processing?

NLP, is the core technology behind any application that uses Artificial Intelligence.  In fact, what we understand today as “Artificial Intelligence” is NLP itself. All the results we extract in any AI application use Natural Language Processing as a basis. Everything, absolutely everything, revolves around this processing. If it didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be generative […]

Three Steps to Drive Conversions

email software with three custom products that are tailored to cold emailing and lead generation. It can be easily integrated with all of your software and email providers. Features: Personalization. Ability to create customized follow-up sequences that automatically respond to prospect actions. Auto-warmer to warm up your domain and protect your emails from landing in […]

Cold Email Tools to Use after Finding Prospect’s Email Addresses

Cold email tools offer the convenience of sending mass emails to potential prospects. You can use these automated tools to streamline your outbound lead generation efforts and scale your email outreach to secure more deals and generate higher profits. To streamline your search for the perfect cold email tool, this article will break down the […]

B2B Marketing Metrics & KPIs to Measure and Improve

Marketers, it’s time to get revenue-focused. B2B Marketing Metrics & KPIs to Measure and Improve Starting with clearly defining your marketing goals for the year and tracking their performance. Tracking your  metrics and KPIs helps you measure Estonia Phone Numbers your campaign success and become a better, data-driven marketer. But which metrics do you really […]