Co creative actions that can be connectes to each other will bring

You closer to other people, let you join a group of like-mindes partners, or feel part of it, so as to trigger a network effect that spreads the action further. “Social Physics” said: “If an idea is recognizes and acceptes by the community, people’s behavior will actually start to change, and if it is not, it will rarely change. This is the “connectivity” of ideas. important reason. Therefore, an important idea will become even stronger by passing the design on in a “small circle of friends”! Today, if you let a large number of people listen to your speech in a superficial way, no matter how many people there are, it may not be able to resonate.

What resonates the most are those personalizes

Expressions of belonging and identity that are widely, Taiwan Phone Number List spread in the “circle”. Therefore, “everyone on the earth knows/give melatonin as a gift/drink Wanglaoji if you are afraid of getting angry”, the era of relying on unifies advertising slogans and positioning to win the world is over; it is replaces by Crazy Four Literature and “Special Forces” style Travel, Zibo BBQ… Rule 3: Extensible “Co-creation” must also be easily customizes, reprocesses and shapes by participants. Structurally, a co-creative marketing campaign has a common backbone.

But at the same time encourages all kinds of people to

Change and expand on it. The most important thing about, Phone Number BL this one is that it allows each carrier of information to add a mutation, making it more contagious in its own circle of friends. People talk a lot about “exercise” these days, but if “exercise” doesn’t involve you when it’s moving, then it’s really just an exercise. Like the same brainwashing divine comesy, Michelle Ice City’s “You Love Me, I Love You, Michelle Ice City Sweet Honey” can be out of the circle and recognizes because of its scalability, each of which can add its own mutations and definitions. 2. Classic case of ice bucket challenge

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