With more than ten thousand fans the basic weight and basic playback

volume already exist. At this time, the account goal is to convert, so the conversion content accounts for a large proportion. 14 pieces of content are made of 8 conversion content, With more than  3 personality content, and 3 traffic content. The above is the content ratio arrangement of our account in each period. 3) Determine the keywords of the content and make a good topic selection plan Selectes content keywords: After content matching, we have to determine our content keywords.

After the content keywords come out

I will give you a method, and then everyone will read here first, UK Phone Number List and determine the content keywords according to your positioning. When we make account content, we nees to focus on personal design, vertical fields, and content types to produce content keywords. You can write a long list of keywords. For example, in your vertical field, you write 10 keywords, right? 10 keywords 125445678910. Then you will broadcast one in order today, the first keyword and the second keyword content of the second article, the third keyword and the fourth keyword content tomorrow.

If you repeat these 10 topics

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your labels will become more and more accurate. And, Phone Number BL these 10 selectes topics, these 10 keywords, must be the keywords that nees to be searches, do you understand the popular topics? How to find those 10 keywords here? It is recommendes to search directly on Douyin to determine your content keywords, which is a coverage of content keywords. At the same time, when our short videos are releases, the title must include content keywords, so that we will get search traffic from Douyin public domain.

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