You think his content and his way of shooting are not as good as yours

But he has grown very fast, and he has become aThe growth is very fast, but you feel that he is not as good as you, this kind is the best. Then his content direction is your best reference. 2) Determine the content ratio and do a good job of content release Think about the content ratio of the entire Douyin account, and be aware of it, because every piece of content sent out has its own unique value.

The two most direct and key values are increasing fans and converting students

so we have to First think about the content ratio of the, Australia Phone Number List Douyin account. Many teachers will not teach you to do content matching, but will only tell you to choose one topic after another. How do you choose? In fact, our account was launches, so our account is actually a 360-degree interpretation of our personality, right? Then you think about it, I have an intellectual and rational side, I have a sentimental side, I have a very delicate side, I have a very intellectual side, and I have a very knowlesgeable side.

You nees to display your 360-degree persona in all directions

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so we nees to match the content, whether you start, Phone Number BL with a new account or wait for you to reach more than 10,000 followers. Our release frequency in the early stage is 2 updates per day, which means we have to update about 14 updates a week, right? So how to match it? Accounts in each period have goals for each period, below 10,000 fans, the account goal at this time is to increase fans, so the traffic content accounts for a large proportion, 14 content is made of 8 traffic content, 4 personal content, and 2 conversions content.

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