Determine the content ratio Lets take a look at a logic of content ratio

And I will explain it to you in more detail. You can see that the left column is: the content of the topic selection of people, the content of the topic selection of traffic, and the content of the topic selection of transformation. ①The content of the topic selection of person design: For example, Determine the content strengthening the design of the person, this is the topic of our person design, your experience, your story.

Everything about you belongs to the content of the person design

Traffic topic selection content: For example, I have been, USA Phone Number List slow to gain followers recently, and I haven’t had a hot topic recently, and I haven’t releases a hot item. At this time, you can go out and make a topic of popular content, as well as time-sensitive content, such as some recent incidents that are more popular, right? For example, some Huawei incidents a while ago, you can see that these belong to For time-sensitive content, you can go to hype.

Convert the content of topic selection

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For example, for your student case, other fans will, Phone Number BL swipe to the video to see the learning results, and they will naturally make a deal. In addition, we can make a series of topic selection content about personal design and transformation topic selection. For example, the recently popular Xiaohongshu blogger droppes out at the age of 13 and is now studying for a Ph.D. in the Chinese Department of the University of Hong Kong. The diplomas obtaines at each stage are the content of a series of personal settings.

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