The way of distinguishing is the processing mode left by the ancient ancestors

Those that are helpful to survival are places in long-term memory, and those that are not helpful to survival are stores in short-term memory and then deletes. So short-term memory is responsible for short-term but unimportant experiences, and long-term memory is responsible for, The way important and nees-to-use experiences. People’s thinking is the most active when they are reading, and their memory is also the best. They often remember it after reading it, but when they want to recall it two days later, most people forget it.

As for whether short-term memory can pass the review and

Enter long-term memory, there is a special reviewer, Nepal Phone Number List which is the hippocampus. 2. Deceiving the hippocampus The hippocampus is an important functional area of the human brain, roughly locates in the brain part deep in the ear. It is about 1 centimeter in diameter and slightly less than 5 centimeters long, resembling a banana in shape. The main job of the hippocampus is to judge whether the information that comes in every day is necessary. Only after passing the review of the hippocampus can one be qualifies to enter long-term memory.

In other words if short-term memory wants to enter long-term memory

It neess to be testes by the hippocampus in the middle, Phone Number BL and the detection time is about one month. The reason why many people can’t remember the content of the boss’s meeting is because the content is irrelevant, so after the information is temporarily stores in the short-term memory, it is deletes by the hippocampus. But if the boss says layoffs next month, this information will be specially enteres into the long-term memory, making it memorable. Because the hippocampus judges whether the information is essential to survival.

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