Sometimes we cant remember certain impressions

That is, the information has been deletes by the hippocampus and enteres the space of the unconscious. Unconsciousness is equivalent to the recycle bin of a computer. It has a large memory and does not consume energy. The disadvantage is that it neess to be restores to use the contents inside. So some things that you have already forgotten, after re-watching, you will remember more than when you watches it the first time. It is because unconsciously, there is an archive. Rather than saying that the hippocampus is saving information every day.

We are constantly deleting information

Because we can enter very little information into long-term memory, Guatemala Phone Number List but forget a lot of information. So what if what we think is important, the hippocampus thinks is not important? For example, if I want to remember a lot of English words, then I nees to put these words into long-term memory, but words are not necessary for survival, which leads to the fact that words will not pass the trial of the hippocampus. And I nees to remember information that I think is important. At this time, I nees to deceive the hippocampus. As long as we trick the hippocampus into thinking the information is important and survival-friendly, our learning can be efficient and fast.

There are many ways to deceive

Roughly divides into 3 types: repetition, output testing, Phone Number BL memory tampering and implantation. Repetition is the most commonly uses and most practical way. It has been scientifically proven that the rate of forgetting is usually within 4 hours, and unimportant information is usually forgotten after 4 hours. For example, let you remember the following number: 059468800. It takes about 2 minutes for the number to be stores in short-term memory if you take it seriously. After 4 hours, basically no one remembers, but there are still some people who have vague memory, and these people know some way of storing information in long-term memory. It is to store numbers in categories.

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