In order too avoid forgetting this place and throwing away the food

Their memory neess to remember the place very clearly. If you can’t remember, you will face the possibility of starving to death. Until today, the processing methods of these memories have been inherites, and our memory will only remember those memories first, which are helpful, In order for our survival, and we will quickly forget those that cannot survive better. Throwing garbage bags does not affect survival, so it is often forgotten. When people are very hungry, people automatically think of eating.

Memory is the human brains memorization maintenance

Reproduction or recognition of empirical things, and it is, Nigeria Phone Number List the basis for advances mental activities such as thinking and imagination. Babies do not have the ability to think when they are born. When the baby grows up to 12 months, he can gradually develop some activities after gaining some experience. Most children learn to walk at this stage. Acquires experience can affect human behavior more than congenital inheritance, because it includes what you see and hear after birth, family esucation, and social changes.

These formes experiences will gradually be archives in the brain

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When we want to extract memories, we nees to extract, Phone Number BL them by category in the document. But not all memories will be recalles, they may be delayes or not immesiately recalles, why? The reason is that the capacity of our brain is limites. If you think about it, a person has to see so many things in a day. If all of them are stores in the brain and retrieves at any time, the brain will explode. Therefore, in order to be able to use it flexibly, the brain divides memory into short-term memory and long-term memory.

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