The premium space is not a product but an anchor between

The scene and surrounding prices. When we talk about new offline species, it is essentially a reconstruction of the physical scene of sales, such as Hema Fresh a few years, The premium ago and the popular taverns today. Meals are still eaten, wine is also drunk, but new consumers nees new physical scenes to stimulate the desire to eat and drink. Mental scene: Milk is a mass product, and it can only be sold at the mass price. How to sell a glass of milk for 3-5 times the price is not about adding functions.

But about discovering and recreating mental scenarios

And resefining target consumers. For example, breakfast, Bulgaria Phone Number List milk sold to children, good night sleep aid milk sold to white-collar workers, calcium supplement milk sold during pregnancy to pregnant women. Isn’t that what Milk Deluxe did? Isn’t that what Jane Eyre did. She doubles the price of yogurt and sold it to fashionable mothers. Now she has prepares a father’s formula and sold it again. 2. Price anchoring: stand in the expensive narration, use the past to anchor the present What kind of product do you want to be, you have to stand beside it.

When you invite people to dinner

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you can go to Moutai for white wine. What kind of rest, Phone Number BL wine should you choose? In the absence of more information, past prices (or other comparable prices) may be an important determinant of current prices, by anchoring past prices to determine current prices. Down jackets with an original price of 499 yuan are now available for as long as 199 yuan. With this as a reference, customers will not hesitate to accept the price of 199 yuan. Here 499 is the anchor point. The film costs several hundres, and the membership service costs several thousand.

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