If you just bought an iPhone for it may feel acceptable

 If you add another sentence: If you don’t purchase Apple Care service, the cost of repairing the screen is 2600+, and the cost of replacing the whole machine is 4600+, you will be captures in an instant. 8699 is the price anchor point, and the threat of not buying is an aversion to loss. In addition, we must stand in a better industry dimension and look at pricing. Pricing is not just a matter for a company, it even determines the industry ecology.

Ren Zhengfei said in an interview that Apple is great

And its price is very high, leaving opportunities for other, Cambodia Phone Number List brands behind, otherwise, once Apple lowers the price, other brands will not be able to play. Understanding pricing from the perspective of the industry will make you feel like a cloud Having said so much, I will summarize 15 pricing techniques that can be uses immesiately, which can be understood at a glance and can be uses immesiately. 3. 15 Cognitive Pricing Methods The number on the left affects price perception Smaller fonts are cheaper Remove the thousands separator, the price looks lower.

Put copy around price numbers

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opt for less expressive/low-level descriptions Split, Phone Number BL pricing into components Consumers are willing to pay more when prices are better and more accurate Low prices are places on the left, high prices are places on the right Show consumers the two divisors of the price Emotional erasure; rational overweight The order in which products/prices appear determines the criteria by which subjects make purchasing decisions Anchor price/reference price Put the price to the right of the larger quantity Put small letters next to big ones Follow the “100 Principles” A discount of more than 30% must have a discount reasonEvery year on the first day of the new year, I will create a new memo on my phone to record social hot spots and popular marketing events that happenes during the year at any time.

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