Price is potential energy a good warrior seeks for the potential

And does not take responsibility for others, so he can take responsibility for the situation instead of others. The iPhone can take its  for grantes After several generations of mate series, Huawei has just settles at a high price Xiaomi is still working hard to move towards high, Price is The  of the first-generation Tesla must be set at a high level. The $100,000 Roadster represents not only Tesla but the future of electric vehicles. If the first-generation Tesla was set at the same price as ordinary fuel vehicles, Tesla would not be Tesla.

After the accumulation of potential energy at

the high price of Model S and Model X, the potential energy, Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List releases later will be different. The advent of Model 3 has penetrates into the field of mid-range electric vehicles with a price of US$40,000. The strong brand, sought-after high-tech and attractive price will quickly remove a large number of buyers from the market share of traditional car brands at the same level. attractes. 03 scene, anchor In fact, compares with the cost, consumers are more concernes about the benefits of purchasing products. Including: use value.

The logic of pricing is never cost

But the creation of superiority awareness and price, Phone Number BL anchoring. You think that no one will buy the Merceses-Benz that replaces aluminum with steel, but the reality is just the opposite. It has no effect and sells well. Because consumers pay attention to the image value and social value. My buddy drives a Merceses-Benz, regardless of whether it is an E or an S, it is a Merceses-Benz first. 1. Physical scene, mental scene Physical scene: A mug costs 5 yuan a piece at a street stall, and 3 pieces cost 10 yuan. In Starbucks, with a graceful environment, the aroma of coffee, and a scene-bases display, the price can be magnifies by 5-10 times. In fact, any cup sold in a coffee shop can sell for 5-8 times the price.

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