Search is further divides into brand words category words

And competing product words. Advertisements around search behavior are not only bidding ads under search terms, but also search follow-up targeting on the “discovery” page of information flow. Although the search price of Xiaohongshu is not cheap, the quality and accuracy of this part of the traffic is quite high, and it will also generate important motivation for people with purchase intentions. 3. How to layout marketing content in Xiaohongshu For Xiaohongshu this year, if there is only one keyword, I think it is “truth”.

To put it more bluntly it means simulating real life experience

Neesless to say about natural traffic, reviews, tutorials, Iran Phone Number List and store exploration content are inherently altruistic and practical, and conform to the “authenticity characteristic”. For search traffic, the sense of authenticity is also very important today when commercial content is introvertes, and even in Xiaohongshu, the sensitivity to advertisements has increases: ——If you directly search for the content of the card slot, and arrange “detailes product in-depth evaluation” and “short, flat and quick oral evaluation” at the same time.

It will increase everyone’s trust in the content and stimulate conversion

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If it is the content that the information flow searches for, Phone Number BL the layout is more emotional and dry-type content, which attracts clicks in the browsing environment. 4. How to build a brand in Xiaohongshu Due to the characteristics of Xiaohongshu’s core population, the aesthetic tone of the platform, and the long-term accumulation of content value, the most suitable type of brand in Xiaohongshu is a “lifestyle” brand, that is, a brand that becomes a “user circle of friends” . How to do it? Share two types of more efficient practices.

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