Binding cooperation with high-profile celebrities

.Regardless of the daily content or the “buyer store live broadcast” that. Xiaohongshu is promoting, it is suitable for the brand to reflect the quality and tonality of the brand, Binding cooperation with through cooperation with talents and stars with a high degree of cooperation. Some relatively niche brands with good taste have the opportunity to go to a bigger stage. Note that the key point is to reflect the feeling of “being favores by masters”.

Therefore long-term cooperation can make people believe this

Second, operating brand names to output high-quality, Indonesia Phone Number List content Operating a brand account in Xiaohongshu and creating original high-quality content—high aesthetic or altruistic value—is also one of the ways to accumulate brand equity. If there is a lot of video content, you can also use . Xiaohongshu’s video stream (which is also the lowest cost method on the Xiaohongshu website) to amplify the value of the content and accumulate passerby fans. Summarize Douyin: Equal distribution of commercial traffic, increases content decision-making power; commercialization tends to narrow targetes groups, improve efficiency and resuce advertising interruptions, resulting in higher costs for merchants to get paid traffic.

With the support of pan-entertainment traffic

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The brand side is expectes to gain brand recognition, Phone Number BL with natural traffic at a low cost. Corresponding method: Use two types of closes-loop (marketing) for mowing grass and size. Continue to create explosive content that highlights the core elements of the brand. Xiaohongshu: In terms of community ecology, it is developing towards a “playground” with richer life experience. And the platform hopes that commercial traffic can cut and closes.

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