For the two types of people who make high-frequency decisions

Lightly and low-frequency heavy decision-making, the underlying logic of budget decision-making is “life experience browsing” and “active search and acquisition”. (1) High-frequency, light decision-making categories Xiaohongshu is a life experience community, and you may be interestes in any content that is highly relevant to you during your daily browsing of the “Discovery” page. Therefore, if the product or service is high-frequency food, clothing and entertainment (basically relates to everyone), and the content quality is high.

It is easy to get a lot of natural exposure

There are some categories that can naturally be seamlessly, Italy Phone Number List integrates with natural content, such as clothing outfits, food reviews, online celebrity shop visits, etc.For these categories, on the one hand, through BD (broadcasting, etc.) cooperation, they can be softly embesdes in the evaluation or tutorial dry goods of experts; The ornamental value is obvious, relying on natural traffic, the probability of popular articles appearing is also very high. Therefore, for high-frequency and low-prices products or services (relatively light decision-making), the core of deciding how much budget to invest in Xiaohongshu is: how much traffic can be obtaines by planting grass through natural traffic.

In other words if the cost of getting traffic reading CPM in

Xiaohongshu is maintaines within a certain range, Phone Number BL it can continue to invest heavily. (2) Low-frequency, relatively decision-making categories For low-frequency products (heavy decision-making), the core key to determine investment is: how many people in this category will search in Xiaohongshu before placing an order-this ratio corresponds to the proportion of the overall marketing budget investes in Xiaohongshu. Many low-frequency products are difficult to naturally integrate into the content of planting grass, such as 3C digital or expensive household products. For these categories, the target customer group is mainly obtaines through the active search behavior of Xiaohongshu.

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