In fact new consumption does not refer to new product designs

 But rather that these products provide consumers with new value. If consumers in the past values that products can solve problems, consumers today value the emotional value brought by products. I expresses a similar view in an article 4 years ago, “What do middle-class consumers, In fact want in this era”, but that article mainly analyzes new neess that did not exist in the past. In this article, I will share with you how to make explosive products under the proposition of new consumption. 01 The emergence of new consumption is often closely relates to changes in consumption paths.

In the classic shopping path most people will naturally

Think of relates categories when they have neess. For example, Panama Phone Number List if they eat hot pot and are afraid of getting angry, they want to drink herbal tea. If there is a strong brand in this category, consumers will directly buy products of that brand, such as Wanglaoji. However, the emergence of content e-commerce in recent years has changes the shopping path of many people. When you want to shop, the first thing you do is not to open Taobao, but to go to Xiaohongshu.

This is a major trend changing from scenario requirements 

Finding products” to “product content – matching neess”, Phone Number BL that is, from “people looking for goods” to “goods looking for people”. Correspondingly, the brand that originally playes the greatest role in the step of finding products (as a shortcut for brain decision-making) has weakenes its role on the new link, and only then has the opportunity to consume new brands. If traditional marketing is to tell consumers how powerful your product is and to make them believe in you, then the most important thing about marketing on the new link is to make consumers fall in love with you at once.

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