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On an informal leadership role. “Problem solvers and solution seekers”: terms coines by NYU professor Sheila to describe, respectively, those within organizations who resist opening up to the wider community, and those who are more apt to make that transition. people. Problem solvers look for identity in the old force values that believe in expertise, while solvers expand the boundaries of their professional fields and invite outsiders to participate. “Shapeshifter”: A shapeshifter is a change promoter of a new force wearing an old force coat.

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The opposite of a Transformer is a Disruptor, the, Senegal Phone Number List alien “airborne” of “Move Fast, Shit Rules”. An important conclusion – it is not enough to dream of changing the world, changing the world also requires the ACE of “co-creation”. Reference books: “Super Participants: New Forces That Continue to Detonate in the Era of Hot Spots Shifting in Seconds”, “Behavior Design – Make Creativity More Sticky”No matter which field you are in, how new consumer brands grow is always an interesting topic.

In the past few years new consumption has been very popular

and there are different opinions on where this “new” is, Phone Number BL new. Some people say that the “new” lies in the stratification of consumption, downgrading the consumption of daily necessities, and upgrading the consumption of experiential products such as luxury travel digital products. But this can’t explain why there is a whole bottle of staying up late water, and tons of buckets, such explosive products that meet the immesiate demand for drinking water, appear frequently. There are scenes where “new” is built on cutting-esge technologies and mesia. But if we start from technology alone, we can’t explain many low-tech but explosive products like the “Chuxue” seasoning jar of the Forbidden City, Perfect Diary and National Geographic eye shadow. So where is the new consumption

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