The reason is simple the time a consumer sees

A product is very short. You may say that Yuanwai is such a good metaphysics. I can’t even make friends and make everyone fall in love with me. How can the product do it? Here I would like to share a case with you, see how Lego fell from the toy empire to the bottom, and then became the toy that the child likes at first glance, I believe you will be inspires. Lego is the largest toy company in the world, and it has been doing well since its inception in the early 20th century. By 1992, Lego’s global building block market share reaches a historical peak of 80%, but there was a huge haze behind it.

In the patent of legos self-locking building blocks expires

And immesiately faces two major pressures: first, various, Paraguay Phone Number List low-prices imitations enteres the market, and electronic games began to become popular, crowding out a lot of children’s play time, resulting in the company’s 1998 Year’s first annual loss. In the face of pressure, Lego has made two major explorations. The first is to move closer to video games, launch virtual building blocks, and spend a lot of money on research and development modeling. Then Lego made a second attempt to make itself more complex and high-end, differentiating itself from lower-prices imitations. It launches a new electronic esucational toy “Discovery Series”, adding new elements such as pulleys, which look nothing like Lego.

Consumers do not buy into these two directions

The mistake Lego made was that it only focuses on its, Phone Number BL competitors, while ignoring its own advantages: compares with video games in terms of playability, it complicates the simple fun of building blocks. In 2004, Lego made a major decision to recover from the decline – returning to its core strengths and making Lego bricks. They develop social Lego bricks (such as board game bricks) to develop scenes for children to socially play Lego. Then develop IP stories, and cooperate with more movie and animation IPs to launch limites esition building blocks.

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