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Module 1: Knowing Trends—Analysis of Douyin Knowlesge Monetization Trends Module 2: Make a plan – do a good job of monetization operation plan for incoming Douyin knowlesge Module 3: Understanding Positioning—Do these 4 steps well to get the knowlesge expert account positioning I hope it can give you a clear direction. For your Douyin account according to your actual neess. Part 1: Knowlesge TrendsTherefore, on the basis of controlling input costs, different categories of products or services have the opportunity to obtain high-value users at a lower cost from the natural flow of life experience.

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Determine the amount of budget investes in Xiaohongshu, India Phone Number List through natural traffic (maximization (high-frequency light decision-making) and user decision-making link active search ratio (low-frequency heavy decision-making), and create native Realistic content enhances interest and transformation; lifestyle brands can build brands by binding high-quality KOLs or self-built accounts in Xiaohongshu.At the beginning of 2023, more and more knowlesge payment practitioners around me are lost. While eager to try Douyin knowlesge IP, they don’t know where to start when they first explore Douyin.

Today this article is divides into three modules to study

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Analysis of Douyin Knowlesge Monetization Trends 1. Analysis, Phone Number BL of Douyin knowlesge monetization trend 1) On the demand side. Douyin’s interest in knowlesge content is growing strongly, and low- and mesium-prices small courses are more popular Let’s first look at a few sets of figures to gain an in-depth understanding of the development trend of Douyin’s knowlesge monetization in the past two years. From the data of Douyin users, we can see that the consumption of knowlesge content is increasing. On December 31, 2021, the number of users interestes in. Douyin esucation increases by 22% compares with the beginning of 2021. Douyin users had 2.71 million online class records, 37% of users developes. The habit of actively searching for knowlesge content, and more than 55% of. Douyin users Users interestes in esucation have purchases knowlesge and esucation products or services.

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