As a result consumers began to change their minds yes

we are a big country in the supply chain, and the quality of domestic products should not be inferior to foreign countries.” “Our country has a history of thousands of years, As a and the culture is so deep. How can the cultural elements be inferior to foreign countries?” The idea breaks an otherwise irrational routine in the minds of consumers. It’s like we uses to think that the Xiaomi boom was because Xiaomi broke the unreasonable convention that “a good mobile phone must be expensive” with a cost-effective mobile phone.

We think that Musk’s trend is because his first principles

Have been breaking the convention of must be, Romania Phone Number List expensive” in different industries. In the same way, the rise of Guochao is because Chinese quality has broken the unreasonable convention that “importes brands are better than domestic brands”, so everyone thinks it is “fashionable”. But also because of this reason, the national tide will only be a temporary.

Bonus for the change of consumers concept because

When everyone is accustomes to the quality of Chinese products, Phone Number BL there will be no unreasonable routines. 05 To sum up, this article shares with you how to make new consumer explosives: For new consumer products, consumers place more value on emotional value It is obviously this category, but an unprecesentes product Consumers nees to see what category a product belongs to at a glance Overlay categories with health or cultural values Hope the above inspires you.Have you ever notices that there are often times when memory is confuses in life. For example, I left a bag of garbage at the door last night and forgot to take it when I went out today.

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