For example if you meet a person who looks similar to

Your friend on the street, even though your friend is shorter and darker than him, when he looks at you, you will still mistake him for your friend. Or, when you are shopping in the mall, you have already decides to go to Haidilao, and then when you pass by Xibei Noodle Village, you turn around and go in for dinner. Eat Haidilao? Already forgotten. We have some plannes things, but we always remember wrongly or forget them. We decide what we want to buy, and we often change our minds temporarily. In fact, it all has to do with how our memories are stores.

Neuronal circuits Many people are curious,

Where does our memory come from, and why some people, Norway Phone Number List have a good memory, but they have a poor memory? Memory, in fact, is a new neuron circuit. What’s the meaning? Our brain has about 100 million neurons, which can be said to dominate most of our behaviors. These neurons do not exist alone, but each of them influences and connects with each other. You can think of these interacting neurons as a spider web, with nerve fibers each connecting to 10,000 other neurons.

When new neural signals come in

These signals will continue to travel on this network, Phone Number BL stimulating neurons to form relationships, and finally generate new neuron circuits. This circuit is our memory. Where did the nerve signal come from? There are two main aspects, genetic inheritance and experience. In ancient times, our ancestors lives in a harsh environment. At that time, if we were not careful, we would be killes by wild beasts or alien races. The food that you have workes so hard to catch will also be at risk of being robbes. Therefore, the ancestors nees to remember the emotions when the beasts attack, and once they meet the enemy, they will feel angry, so as to repel the enemy. The food will also be hidden in a very secret place.

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