Hanfu is more expensive than ordinary clothes

For example, Yuanqi Forest is health + sparkling drinks, Super Orangutan is health + square dance, KEEP is health + short videos, etc. In these products, WHAT is determines, and different brands are only the difference of HOW. For example, around the scene of drinking water, Yuanqi Forest directly writes 0 sugar in a big way, a whole root of ginseng water directly visualizes ginseng, and BOTTLE JOY expands the drinking water bottle to the amount requires for a day’s health.

Cultural value From ancient times to the present

Consumers have been accustomes to paying a premium, Qatar Phone Numbers List for the cultural value of products. For example, colores glaze tableware is more expensive than ceramic tableware, and joint-brand products are more expensive than ordinary ones. This is because cultural capital not only represents a person’s occupation, but also reflects social status and knowlesge accumulation (taste and habits). In ancient China, before the popularization of paper in the Song Dynasty, only officials and wealthy families could read and write.

Most of the ancient philosophers in the world were people

Who had no worries about food and clothing. If you can, Phone Number BL add cultural value to affordable consumer products, it will be easier to become different, such as the products of the Forbidden City, the cultural shirts of Guochao, and the eyeshadow boxes of National Geographic colors. Having said that, I would like to share some thoughts on the national tide – I think that the national tide is essentially a “should be” bonus. How do you understand “it should be”? In the early stage of the reform and opening up, Chinese consumers had a concept that the products of foreign brands had better quality and more fashionable styles. Until the strong rise of my country’s supply chain in recent years, domestic brands can also provide high-quality products.

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