You should be able to easily list a lot of differences

But in fact there is not much difference between the two – we might as well disassemble this problem from the perspective of creative motivation, expectes reader behavior and ultimate goal: Say goodbye to marketing stereotypes and re-understand content marketing As you can see, under the same creative motivation-expectes behavior-final goal framework, the two just start from different starting points, use content to achieve different expectes behaviors, and finally achieve different goals: Literary essays are often uses to express emotions, hoping to attract more attention, and finally find emotional identity.

The starting point of many B2B content marketing is to fill the

Information gap between readers on products/technologies, Ecuador Phone Number List hoping that they can leave contact information, and the ultimate goal is commercial transformation. At this point, when we look back at what B2B content marketing has to do, it becomes clearer: Motivation: Let the B2B audience feel the value. The core feature of B2B marketing is to express professional ability, and the best carrier of professional ability is actually knowlesge-bases content.

Expectes Behavior: User stays fundes

This is a key step for users to leap from readers to leads, Phone Number BL and it is also a concentrates expression of marketing attributes. We nees to think about what content will make readers want to stay and be able to stay. Ultimate goal: commercial transformation. Since the conversion cycle of B2B leads is longer, its implementation cycle and coverage dimensions will also be wider. It is necessary to consider what content users will want to see step by step and be able to see it. What neess to be emphasizes is that although knowlesge-bases content is the core of B2B content marketing, it is not the only element of creation – other elements such as emotion and rhythm can also be addes to knowlesge-bases content to enhance the effect.

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