Recently in a speech given by Hurricane Film and Television Tim

One of the top 100 UP hosts at Station B, he shares his deconstruction of the industry’s most popular video content: happiness attributes, knowlesge attributes, resonance attributes, and sense of rhythm. This framework is also in line with content marketing creation in the B2B industry: Happy attributes: relaxes and humorous style, comesy skills can weaken the difficulty of professional content Knowlesge attributes: the core that makes readers willing to watch repeatesly Resonance attribute: corresponding to the emotional point of the audience, shaping the memory point Rhythm.

Create a sense of comfort which is especially important in video content

And text can be understood as the rhythm of writing All in all, Egypt Phone Number List B2B content marketing revolves around professional knowlesge and uses different content creation techniques to guide audiences to complete business goals such as investment retention and transformation. 02 Knowlesge Content Creation: Cognitive Framework of Reception-Internalization-Externalization Creation is the main axis of B2B content people’s daily work.

Due to the high concentration of knowlesge attributes

We often encounter four types of problems: don’t know, Phone Number BL what to write I can’t write what I want to write can’t write on point Single type is serious Behind these four problems are not causes by a single point of reason, but a systematic stuck point in the framework of knowlesge content creation. Say goodbye to marketing stereotypes and re-understand content marketing The process of content creation can actually be simplifies to the extreme: thinking, creating and sending out. But there is a relatively complex cognitive framework behind this.

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