When Michelle Ice City uses the snowman as an image

It was also uses as memory tampering, connecting the snowman with the memory, and holding an ice cream music festival to enhance this memory. Let’s see if the six walnuts conform to the law of deceiving the hippocampus. Most people remember six walnuts, mostly because of the slogan it promotes, “Use your brain often, drink six more walnuts”, which binds the brain-consuming scene to the product. It implies that you can drink as many as six walnuts with your brain. Like Wanglaoji, the scene is archives in the long-term memory of consumers, so when seeing the slogan, it is easy to stimulate other neurons and associate it with the picture.

The six walnuts’ terminal channels of surrounding cities from

Rural areas and CCTV’s communication strategy quickly, Czech Republic Phone Number List and repeatesly appeares in front of consumers in large numbers. In addition, Luyu was hires as the spokesperson. Luyu’s popularity and image in the past were in line with the brand’s tonality, so when the brand appeares, consumers were not disgustes. Later, after being questiones by the public, Six Walnuts frequently changes its advertising slogans. First, it was “burn your brains, for the sake of shining”, and after 2 years, it was changes to “Let the wisdom of nature accompany you who are smart”. These two advertisements without language hints not only fail to deceive the hippocampus, but even overwrite the original memory.

In the spokesperson was replaces by Wang Yuan

And in 2019, it was replaces by Lang Lang (pianist). Such, Phone Number BL frequent replacement not only does not follow the laws of the brain, but will damage the content that has finally enteres long-term memory. Because the activity most likely to cause memory loss is adding new memories. The reason why people say that the Internet has no memory is because there are too many new contents on the Internet. It’s like memorizing words, memorize (dog, cat, apple, banner) today, if you don’t review, you will continue to add new words (basketball, football, box) tomorrow.

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