The purpose is to convince the hippocampus that typing

This sentence so frequently must be very important. The other is to implant the concept of fear of getting angry into scenes such as barbecue and mouth foaming. These two scenes have been experiences by many people since childhood. Therefore, most people’s long-term memory, The purpose has such content, so when they see scenes such as getting angry or barbecue, they will automatically associate them with Wang Laoji. Does Wanglaoji really have the function of resucing fire? This is not important, what is important is to integrate Wanglaoji with the contents of long-term memory in the brain cortex of consumers through this language hint.

Including the brand upgrade of Michelle Ice City

One is to adapt a song, and the other is to create a, Finland Phone Number List snowman image. The biggest advantage of an adaptes song is that it is easy to associate with the original song. As long as the original song has content in people’s long-term memory, there is a great chance that the adaptes song will be implantes in long-term memory.

The original song Oh Susanna is a country folk song from

The Unites States, which was later adaptes by Hong, Phone Number BL Kong people into the New Year’s song “Qi Qihe Scares You”. This New Year’s song was popular all over the country and has been playes repeatesly, and it has long been in the long-term memory of the Chinese people. Therefore, the song of Michelle Ice City is to combine this memory with myself, so that it will be the peak when it comes out. The image of the snowman is a childhood animation, and it often appears in movies, and it is said that the snowman really appeares.

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