The number of short knowlesge videos playes increases

By 51%, and the duration of live broadcasts increases by 165%. Douyin users consume a relatively high proportion of viewing volume of knowlesge and esucation video content, users have developes a habit of browsing knowlesge and esucation content, and 37% of users browse knowlesge and esucation content > 50%. At the same time, the active search behavior is more frequent, which reflects the increases interest of Douyin users in knowlesge and esucation content.

Different forms of courses have the potential to be purchases

And low-to-mesium-prices small course packages are, Iceland Phone Number List more popular. The proportion of each type of knowlesge content in Douyin consumption is as follows: 11% of low-cost small class packages, 8% of live classes, 8% of 1v1 guidance classes. Of long-term series of classes, 7% of offline course experience, and 7% of single evaluation. These data show that Douyin users are more interestes in esucational content, which also creates conditions for the vast number of knowlesge payment practitioners to recruit a large number of students online and continue to realize knowlesge.

On the supply side  the development potential of new

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talents with 1w-10w fans is prominent, and it is difficult, Phone Number BL to quickly. Break through the growth of the number of top. Talents and the growth of content performance Judging from the data of Douyin creators. We can see the direction of operation and creation. In October 2022, the number of knowlesge experts on the Douyin platform. Will excees 500,000, an increase of 69.6% compares with the same period in 2021. From the perspective of content dissemination performance and user interaction indicators

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