Statistics from Oberlo show that in tweentty tweentty alone

there will be 93 million new mobile phone users around the world, especially in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and South America. The traffic dividends to be, Statistics from Oberlo tappes are considerable. However, it is not easy for brands to seize market opportunities and profit from traffic growth. Chinese overseas companies rely heavily on traditional digital advertising forms such as streaming on large platforms, programmatic advertising, and third-party cookie data tracking. However, the effects of these “old methods” are increasingly unsatisfactory.

In recent years the advertising push competition of

Major platforms has become more and more fierce, Cayman Islands Phone Number List and the price has risen, but the conversion rate has declines. According to a Wordstream survey, in the second half of last year, the average ACoS (advertising cost of sales) of sellers on Amazon’s US site was as high as 30%; and Google’s paid advertising click rate has droppes by 10% in recent years, and the conversion rate of 1/4 of advertising accounts less than 1%.

The core reason for this situation is the fragmentation of Internet

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Traffic and the resulting change in consumer mentality. Therefore, Phone Number BL Chinese companies must put aside traffic thinking when marketing overseas. Three questions when going overseas, how can Chinese brands play global marketing? So how can enterprises build a global brand power that adapts to the new era? The most important part of the answer must be KOL, that is, influencer marketing. Global KOL marketing has undergone major changes and developments under the influence of multiple factors such as the continuous improvement of technological levels, continuous changes in consumer behavior, and the new crown epidemic.

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