On the contrary

On the contrary Choose well on the web. In recent months I have had the opportunity to meet some exceptional professionals with whom I have discuss the most controversial topics and points of our marketing profession. One of these is Roberto Serra . For those who don’t know him, Roberto is a great SEO expert and with his agency he helps companies position themselves on the web. He lives in beautiful Sardinia and has been organizing a unique event in the sector there for several years.

Web Marketing Training

To which I also had the honor of being invit as seo expate bd a speaker in the ition. With him I had the opportunity to discuss a topic that is fundamental for us marketers: visibility or celebrity? The opportunity also came thanks to the publication of his book publish by Flaccovio itore entitl: Visibility: the Superpower that comes from the web. Because the success of your business does not depend on best practices Roberto, let’s start from the title which is very interesting: Visibility. Why this choice and then tell us briefly about the content of your book.

As you can imagine

Seen through the eyes of a marketing man, the title Phone Number BL represents perhaps one of the greatest responsibilities. Choosing it wasn’t easy at all but I have to say that after sheets and sheets mark with a pen, with words written and then delet, what went into print I think represents a good compromise between marketing and anticipation of the content. However, I cannot take all the crit for this, much of the intuition was in fact possible thanks to the contribution of Francesca, my wife, without whom I would not have arriv at this happy conclusion. In fact, we work together on the title. The reason for this choice is quite simple. Visibility, the one that really allows a person or content to emerge, although of vital importance for any online busines.

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