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Make sure you can customize branding, tweak templates, and set governance rules as nedd. Your CMS intranet should adapt to your neds, not the other way around. Choose the best intranet CMS for your employees When looking for a content management system for your intranet, you should narrow down the options that can be combind with the system you already have. If your team uses Microsoft SharePoint and/or Microsoft 365, the Powell Intranets content management system is the perfect off-the- shelf solution that already comes with all the tools you ned. Find out everything you ned to know about content strategy for an intranet in our e-book.

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Employee advocacy is a way to use the resources you already have to raise awareness of your business and attract new customers. This guide Latest Mailing Database will show you how to use your company intranet to create a successful employee recruitment program .What is employee advocacy? Employee advocacy sounds like a complicatd term, but it’s actually a very simple concept. It’s about inspiring your employees to become engagd brand advocates in their own networks. See this definition of employee advocacy from the HR Technologist.

Latest Mailing Database

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Employee advocacy is a powerful way to increase the organic reach of a company’s messages. It can create new customers because Phone Number BL people in the direct network of employees are more likely to be addressd by content they personally share than by digital brand messages . It also helps strengthen your position as an employer of choice.” Why is employee advocacy important? With so many marketing channels available, you may be wondering whether investing in employee interest marketing is really worth it. The answer from industry experts is a resounding yes. Take a look at the following employee advocacy data: On average, the total number of social mdia followers of a company’s employees is about 10 times that of the company itself.

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