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Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn The Internet is a place where we willingly share our opinions about products and services, and we are equally eager to seek advice and opinions of others. Mothers are especially involve in this kind of activity – both in terms of referrals and in terms of taking orders from others. its thoughts on upbringing, or the problems it encounters on a daily basis, and which are not necessarily obstacles perceive by people without children. Moms with babies vs restaurants This is the case, for example, with changing tables, or rather the lack of them, in restaurants. This starts to be a problem only when you actually go to some place with a baby – often mothers have to change their children in a pram.

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Which to put it mildly, cannot be very convenient. One of them turne to restaurateurs on her Facebook profile, offering a simple solution to this problem – portable changing tables. It was worth it! restaurants First of all, I was afraid to write about it, because as you could see in the comments, the mothers themselves are divide when it comes to the whatsapp mobile number list topic of leaving the house with the child at all. However, I “took it on my chest” and decide to fight for basic rights, such as the use of the toilet in case of going out with a baby. Toilets for the disable are standard, so have to change their children in a pram, preferably in the back room of the restaurant. In addition, the number of mothers with children during the day in the restaurant’s gardens motivate me to post.

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The largest restaurants

Magda Kochańska, among others, a happy mother The restaurants passe the test The almost immeiate reaction of restaurants to this appeal and the Phone Number BL addition of changing tables to their equipment shows that solving the problem is often very simple, but it is worth listening to your customers and topics relate to your business. As Magda told us, the manager of one of in Warsaw reacte to her entry, asking where such a changing table could be purchase.

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