Company can actually make a profit

Ucating leads about your product or service; Exclusive invitations to events, which bring leads closer to the brand; And the list only grows! But you ne to be careful: if your company sends too many offers without a shr of personality (or the slightest bit of humanity), the emails will be mark as spam! When sending an Email Marketing flow , each message nes to be useful to the lead . Otherwise, campaigns with this strategy could backfire… Essential Digital Marketing Tools for your strategy 8. Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing is the strategy of promoting a product or service through a person or brand that can influence people within your ideal audience.

Existing customers Profitability

After all, when it comes to buying online, people are looking for some kind of security that your company delivers on what it promises! The simplest way (and a fundamental part of human biology) is to know other buyers’ opinions about what is being purchas. You see Influencer Marketing in: Review portals written by the community; Product opinion sections in online stores; Digital influencers, who become modern spokespersons for the effectiveness (and price justification) of each brand. Contrary to Latest database widespread pessimism, people trust each other — and influence sales because of it! Tip: Mental triggers in Digital Marketing: how to use them? 9.

Even the creation of creative content has been


Artificial Intelligence Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) is no longer an experimental strategy in Digital Marketing and has become a necessity since, through it, it is possible: Automate processes extremely effectively; Use chatbots (robots that respond to messages) to sell and serve customers; Analyze data at very high spe and display it with an accuracy that was limit until a few years ago. Even the creation of creative content has been made easier, as humaniz text generation Phone Number BL tools can script content for social networks, for example, and image generators create original illustrations bas on descriptions of what they should contain.

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