And not just increas revenue Furthermore

You put an item in your shopping cart, don’t complete the purchase, and hours later you receive an email with the suggestion to close the order ? This is remarketing : the strategy of showing content that triggers action from someone who has already interact with the company before! Because, even when a business sells well online, the conversion rate rarely exces 3% ! And when remarketing is appli to get offers to people familiar with the brand , conversions can increase significantly.

In other words Digital Marketing

This happens because consumers tend to trust brands with which they have interact in the past — even if briefly. Add to the use of online And not advertisements , which allow surgical segmentation to deliver offers only to those who have already interact with your business, the brand remains relevant in the minds of these consumers. And it is because of its potential to keep the new database purchasing cycle active (or awaken a dormant cycle) that remarketing has become one of the most effective Digital Marketing strategies for multiplying conversions ! Tip: Learn how to use the Inbound Marketing Funnel in your business! 7.

Selling within a sustainable cost


Email Marketing When I gave the example above, of an online store sending an email to remind you that the shopping cart was waiting for your return, I was talking about remarketing appli to E-mail Marketing . E -mail Marketing is the strategy And not of using a more personal space (the inbox) to bring truly valuable offers or content. But E-mail Marketing campaigns do much more than send messages reminding you that there is a shopping cart waiting! Email flows can include all types of information: Automatic discounts, bas on the browsing Phone Number BL behavior of your website visitors; Periodic messages (daily, monthly, etc.

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