CaixaBank and its fixed mortgage what

CaixaBank’s fixed-rate mortgage becomes one of the most interesting options on the current mortgage market. Its fixed interest rate is very competitive and it has a wide range of conditions to negotiate. We review CaixaBank and its fixed mortgage below. . GET INFORME FOR FREE What is the CaixaBank fixed mortgage like? CaixaBank’s fixed mortgage is called Hipoteca CasaFácil .  Possibility of subsidizing the fee by purchasing additional products. Without opening or study commissions. Personalized and online attention through a manager assigned to you. What will happen to mortgages in 2023?

What is the interest of the CaixaBank Fixed Mortgage?

The CaixaBank fixe rate mortgage allows the client to choose between three different fixe interest rates , depending on the perio in which the loan will be repai: Interest with bonuses . Between 4 and 15 years. 3.20% TIN. Between 16 and 20 years old. 3.35% TIN. Between 21 and 30 years old. 3.45% TIN. Interest without bonuses. Between 4 and 15 years. 4.20% TIN. Between Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data 16 and 20 years old. 4.35% TIN. Between 21 and 30 years old. 4.45% TIN. What products can I purchase to obtain bonuses? CaixaBank’s fixed mortgage allows you to reduce the TIN by up to 1% through bonuses. To do this, you can contract any or all of the products offered by the bank: Domiciliate the payroll and receipts. 0.25%. Home insurance. 0.25%.

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What is the maximum term of the loan?

At CaixaBank, the fixed mortgage has a maximum repayment period of 30 years. As the entity indicates on its website, the term of the operation and the age of the youngest owner must not exceed 75 years . What is the Cyprus WhatsApp Number List maximum amount of the CaixaBank Fixe Mortgage? The financial institution offers a maximum financing of: If it is a habitual residence, 80% . If it is a second home, 70% . How much savings do you need? To be able to access the CasaFácil Mortgage you need to have 32% of the value of the home saved , according to CaixaBank. The breakdown is as follows: 20% of the down payment to the loan. Between 12% and 15% taxes and hiring expenses . How much does it cost to take out the CasaFácil Mortgage.

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