This is the BBVA variable mortgage with the

The BBVA variable  offers a fixed interest rate for the first year and an interest conditioned by the Euribor for the rest of the perio. If you are thinking about applying for , you will be intereste in knowing how it works. We tell you! Find the best mixe for you We negotiate your mixe type  between more than 20 banks. GET INFORME FOR FREE First year at TIN 1.49% When you take out a variable with BBVA, the first year a nominal interest rate. Starting in the secon year, the TIN will vary according to the Euribor and at BBVA it will be update. If you meet conditions, the differential drops to 0.60% . The APR of the BBVA variable  is 4.99%. The bonus APR drops to 4.39%. We encourage you to

Characteristics of the BBVA variable mortgage

The BBVA variable mortgage offers the following characteristics: No opening fees . You can finance up to 80% for a primary home or 70% if it is a second home. The maximum term to repay the loan is 30 years . You can Mexico WhatsApp Number Data qualify for a 1.0% bonus , meeting these conditions: Domiciliate your payroll of more than €600, a pension of more than €300 or your self-employed quota. Take out BBVA home insurance . Take out BBVA loan repayment insurance . Furthermore, if you belong to a professional group, can customize the  so that you benefit from a special price.

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What is a mixed mortgage?

Mixed mortgages are mortgage loans that are divided into two tranches: during the first years a fixed interest rate is established and Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List the rest of the period is governed by a variable interest rate. The variable section of a mixed mortgage can be up to 15 years, depending on the bank. The BBVA variable mortgage is not a mixed mortgage as such, although it is characterized by a first year with a fixed interest. Pros and cons of the mixed mortgage Take out a mortgage with the help of experts If you want to take out a mortgage with fixed or variable interest from BBVA , at Housfy Hipotecas we can help you do it.

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