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To be at a good advice or estimate Depending on the answers you get, you can then carefully maneuver towards a substantiate solution. Also read: This is how you write non-boring cold emails that do get a response 6. Give autonomy, be competent and connect Customers buy from you if they can make autonomous decisions themselves, if they experience you as competent and feel connecte to you. By asking specific questions and putting yourself in the shoes of the customer, you nurture these nees. These 3 factors are universal and have been discovere from neuroscience.

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As human beings we have the nee to be autonomous, to feel connecte to others and to be helpe by someone who is competent in his field. This is hardwire into our brain and helps us make decisions. 7. Assumption is the mother photo editor of all fuckups Find out new or conflicting information: don’t rely too much on your own assumptions, but stick to the facts and, where possible, try to ask the customer difficult questions to better understand the situation. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions. The better you understand all the facts and information about the customer and their situation, the more valuable your advice and associate.

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Services or products become. Ultimately, we are all people who enjoy helping others and being helpe ourselves. That human aspect fits in a very natural way in marketing and sales. And fortunately that is also a trend that is increasingly gaining a foothold. Getting starte with Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager Do you want to get starte Phone Number BL with search engine marketing and advertising And get guidance from the best subject experts With our SEO & SEA training, you follow training courses such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Engine Marketing (SEO) and Google.

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