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It is constantly solutions Consulting in the field of digitalization of SMEs As part of the consulting component. Advisory services will be provide by the. Future Industry Platform Foundation, which will cooperate with the Industrial Development Agency launching a new grant project. Consulting services will be available to entities from the SME sector. The key areas that the Foundation will support include carrying out a detail assessment. Verification of the enterprise’s digital maturity level. Developing a personalize digital transformation strategy. That will be properly adjust to the specificity of the enterprise, and further, consulting also includes assessing. The possibility of introducing green or sustainable solutions.

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As well as providing technological services in the field of matching software and cloud services to the individual needs of the enterprise and adapting the acquire digital technologies to the current state of the company, legal services regarding the verification of the Photo Retouching selling entity, assessment of the level of protection of a given technology and the possibility of developing the purchase technology, and finally, services in the field of estimating the costs of the transformation process , including obtaining a reliable assessment of costs and financial possibilities that will be relate to the implementation of digital projects.

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When will the grant project be launch? Preliminary information regarding the launch of digitalization grants shows that it will be possible to apply for a grant without first using the advice of the Future Industry Platform Foundation. The recruitment announcement is plan for the end of November this year, and the start of the application process for December this year. The new support looks promising. Digital transformation is a very important aspect of Phone Number BL enterprise development, which we have mention many times. More information about the grant project will appear with the publication of the competition documentation.

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