Access the private portfolio of apartments

We’ll tell you what it is and be the first to find out  Find off-market investment opportunities Many of the apartments to invest in our portfolio are not publishe on any real estate portal. At Housfy, we have exclusive and unprecedented. What can you find in the Housfy Inversión private investor club ? Properties with high returns Apartments in first and second cities with high rental deman Prices below market value , generally between and Investments with financial leverage , the favorite method of our experts If you have money save. To do this, you must be attentive to the latest developments in the market. Recommende reading:

How does Housfy’s private investor club work?

Our team of investment experts publishes new available opportunities daily, which you will only find out about if you are part of the group. Sale price Belgium WhatsApp Number Data Gross and net profitability Data on financial leverage Minimum capital required to invest Estimated. From there, the investor interested in buying the apartment to rent can contact Housfy Inversión and proceed with the procedures. Don’t be enchanted! Most of our offers are closed within a few days of being published , like this apartment in the city of Rubí, in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona:

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Invest safely thanks to Housfy Investment

At Housfy, we have professionals working for you in every branch of the real estate world. Housfy Investment comprises our entire team versed in real estate investments .  The benefits Albania WhatsApp Number List we offer, the following are worth  Choose your apartment to invest in our property market with good returns. We help you find a mortgage to finance your investment. A wealth advisor will accompany you to invest with more security . We find a solvent tenant and manage your rental . Get in touch with us and we’ll get to work.

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