The IBI bonuses in Barcelona in for selling

Are you going to sell your home in Barcelona ? Once done, you must pay the Real Estate Tax (IBI). With luck, perhaps you can access some of the IBI bonuses that Barcelona applies in 2023 when selling an apartment. Keep reading and find out! Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past. GET INFORME FOR FREE Are there IBI bonuses in Barcelona in 2023 for selling an apartment? The IBI, which is in charge of the Municipal Treasury Institute in Barcelona, ​​is the responsibility of those owners, usufructuaries, concessionaires or holders of a property , whether it is a flat, a house, a store, etc. Thus, with the 2023 fiscal calendar already underway in the Catalan capital , the IBI payment is one of the first to open its payment period.

IBI bonuses in Barcelona for selling an apartment in 2023

The Real Estate Tax (IBI) bonuses allow a considerable discount that can help you when it comes to cutting expenses for the sale of your home. Let’s take a look at the deductions mentioned by Barcelona City Council: Official Protection Housing (VPO) . Habitual residence of large families holding the IBI receipt (with the holder registered in the habitual residence on January 1 of the current year). Homes where voluntary systems for thermal or electrical UAE Phone Number Data use of solar energy are installe. It should be noted that these are bonuses relate to housing. There are also deductions related to other types of properties , such as those of public organizations or those of municipal property, for example. How much is my house worth? Carry out a free online valuation of your home in a few minutes RATE FREE HOUSING Beneficiaries of IBI bonuses in Barcelona So, who can benefit from IBI bonuses in 2023 for selling an apartment in Barcelona? People who are in the following situation: In VPO , the first acquisition taxpayer.

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How to process IBI bonuses in Barcelona in 2023 for selling an apartment

IBI bonuses in Barcelona can be processe in three different ways: online , in person or by telephone . We explain how you can do it in each of them. Internet The main steps to request an IBI bonus online are : Access the Virtual Procedures Office of Barcelona City Council. Fill out the form to request the bonus. Attach the necessary documentation to request the bonus. For example, for large families it would be the Large Family Title. Sign the application, which will be submitted in the electronic registry. Wait for the Municipal Estonia Phone Number List Treasury Institute to review your application and, if approved, apply the bonus to the IBI receipt. Telephone The telephone application process consists of: Call 010, or 931 537 010 if you live outside the Metropolitan Area. Provides pertinent data to the operator. Write down the request code that the operator will offer you to continue the process.

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