Topics and businesses in which I am going to invest in 2022

Topics and businesses in which I am going to invest in 2022. For 2022 we have many plans. Too many possibly. This post is once again a way to structure the thoughts I have in my head. On the one hand we want to grow what we already have but also create new business areas. This by definition is complicated if you do not considerably increase resources. We will grow little by little within our possibilities.

Own products

Own products In 2022 I want to bill at least 20% of what we are billing today on Amazon, which is equivalent to about 150,000 euros. It is a considerable amount but I see it as feasible. To quickly create email leads prototypes we have invested in a 3D printer. New brand for car accessories Along with the brand that we have already registered, a new one will be added that will have car accessories.

Investment in collectibles

Investment in collectibles Another important field is that of collectibles. I don’t mention e.g. Lego below but we will certainly continue to invest here. Maybe some have seen a published news item that apparently Phone Number BL has gone around the world referring to an old study from 2015. I already knew that information and I was surprised that the media, at least in Spain and Germany.

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