Email marketing between inbound and outbound

Email marketing between inbound and outbound guido marabini – 29 march 2022 email marketing there are marketing tools that can undoubtely be trace back to inbound and others that are clearly outbound. But when you look at email marketing everything becomes more ambiguous. To the question ” is email marketing inbound or outbound.” the experts’ answers go in every direction. There are those who say that sending an email is always outbound. Because the user who receives it must stop what he is doing to read it. Those who say that an email sent to an audience intereste in receiving it is absolutely an inbound strategy have an opposite opinion. 

Halfway between the two positions

 There are those who think that email marketing can be both inbound and outbound. Let’s analyze both marketing strategies and their email sends to understand new database the differences. You might be intereste in. “Email marketing. The key development factors for 2022” inbound email marketing. Features and advantages inbound email marketing inbound email marketing intervenes in the funnel as soon as the user leaves their email address. Therefore they become a lead. Once the attention of the target user. I.E. The buyer persona. Has been capture. Inbound marketing sends messages to increase the possibility of them completing the purchasing journey. To obtain a good number of contacts to send emails to with inbound marketing. It takes time . 

Approximately from a few months to years

 But their involvement is very high . From an expense point of view. It is important to know that inbound marketing costs 62% less Phone Number BL than outbound . The reasons for this saving are due to two factors. Higher roi. Because it targets warm leads. Less dispersion of leads. Because they correspond to users intereste in the content. The savings materialize precisely because inbound is more effective and constant over time. Download our guide now to discover what inbound marketing can give you. Benefits and opportunities for your company outbound email marketing. Features and advantages inbound email marketing outbound email marketing consists of sending email messages to a large audience that has not expresse a specific interest in a brand or in content relating to a company’s activity. 

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